Wednesday, March 30, 2011






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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eyeliners - Gel, Pencil & liquid!


Liquid is my favorite, I find it so easy and so beautiful. When I am wearing eyeliner I always wear it on the upper lashline, and I always find this the best way to do it - it takes practice, but its certainly fun when you can do it! My favorite liquid eyeliner is this one:



GEL eyeliner gives a very similar effect to Liquid, but as you may notice its not as sharp. But Gel eyeliner stays on alot longer than other eyeliners, so If I wear eyeliner on the waterline... I wear gel :) My personal favorite:

STILA smudge Pots


Pencil eyeliner is very handy when traveling, its the easiest to use! But be careful, I see alot of teenagers walking around like racoons...

Anyway my favorite eyeliner of pencil is:

Covergirl Liquidline (??) blast

anyway, what eyeliner do YOU use??

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Updates! (contest etc)

Sorry I have not been very active latly, I have been quiet busy with some projects of mine, also real life has been a little hectic and my youtube channel is a ghost town, so I have been a bit all over the place. Anyway, I will have the contest POLL, up on Tuesday! So please stay tuned for that =)

If you have not enterd the contest and you wish to enter, you still have the chance, do it before Tuesday, if you have not done it before then, sorry you have missed out.

The prize is 200 Stardollars

So defiantly enter, its free to enter and its super fun and easy!

Click HERE for more details...

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Toxxic Makeovers! (of friends)
Heyaa :) I thought I would share with you some of my friends makeup I did today!

I love Vas, so I wanted to give her some Color, because its rarely I see her not wearing black, and just black. Shes like a black cat ^_^. Anyway, I added some green eyeshadow because it is a very mystirous color so its still dark..ish. I also gave her some cheekbones by contouring underneath her cheekbones, I used a Sephora Bronzer and a DOT blush!

I have been chattin with Dodence_bt (Mario) quiet a bit lately and he is actually a really great person! I love he's style. I gave his doll a blue, purple eyeshadow and some thick black kohl eyeliner, as well as some white on the inner halves to give some brightness to the face. I added two DOT blushes to give some flush to the cheeks, and added a few shades of grey lipstick and a lipgloss to make the pout glimmer.


If you dislike Perez, your crazy! She is so sweet and so down to earth, I use to be pretty scared of this girl but she is the sweetest person! Love her colorful style and she is quiet an inspiration! I gave her my favorite colored eyeshadow... BLUE... and I used quiet a few shades, on the eyelid and on the browbone... sweeet. I also added some blue eyeliner to really frame her eyes. For lips I used a sephora 2 lipsticks to create some depth, and I used some gloss to give some shine! Of course I added bronzer and blush to really bring out some cheek bones!


Wanna makeover, comment below, and I will try feature you in my next Toxxic Makeovers... xoxo

Which is your fav??

PS. I tried to make a banner... what do you think? ^_^

Sunday, March 13, 2011

CONTEST! Help people with aids - Viva Glam GaGa
Love Lady Gaga right? Course you do! Love Mac right? or just you love Makeup all together? Then you will love this look, its inspired by the campaign of the second Viva Glam GaGa Collection! The lip products retail for the normal lipsticks and lipglasses, BUT all the PROFITS go to the aids fund to help ANYONE, around the world with aids! A great cause. Show your support with this makeup look!

Click HERE for more infomation on Viva Glam GaGa by MAC cosmetics.

Re-create the Viva Glam gaga makeup and upload it to, then paste the link in the comments below! After that in about a week, I will upload all the pictures to this blog and create a poll, and I will wait another week and after that I will see what the results are.

200 stardollars! (non superstars will win a SS code)

-Must be a follower
-feature username
-Must not ask for votes
-Be creative
-Have fun!
-I WILL ONLY ACCEPT TINYPIC LINKS, NOTHING ELSE. NO EXCEPTIONS, anyone who uses other hosting sites will not be included and will be taken from this contest! SORRY! its for safty of other users!!

Good luck! Anyone can enter! =) I wont be choosing, remember there will be a poll so it will be
100 % FAIR!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MAC...on stardoll?

I have always SUCKED at finding the real life versions of brands, like hotbuys! But I think I am good at finding DUPES, for MAC eyeshadows, I might do lip products next week..
Tell me what you think :)
MAC eyeshadow in Nylon

MAC eyeshadow in Stable

MAC eyeshadow in Stars and rockets

MAC eyeshadow in Goldmin

MAC pigment in Fuchsia

MAC pigment in bright Fuchsia

Next week will be lip products!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Make Your medoll look like...

Hey divas! Gia here, late again as usual. Maybe Perez should have called my piece "Fierce Sunday". Too bad there's nothing fierce about it. Sunday is when I'm in my house, blogging and such (total snore). So here we go. This week I wanted to start a new segment called "Make your medoll look like..." Of course this segment will mainly be about me, trying to show you dolls how to make your medoll look like various celebs. I used a bit of photoshop editing this time just to tighten up the looks, but not much. These looks should be simple and easy for you to recreate. Feel free to give your suggestions as to who I should do next. Remember, extreme makeup only. No boring celebs who only wear lipgloss and eyeliner. We've seen that already. Give us someone fresh and colorful. Someone fierce. I decided to start with some of my favorite people...who I adore.

Are you ready?

Raquel Reed
Makeup Artist, Pop Star, Model

Here's my version of Raquel Reed on Stardoll. Her hair is one of my favorite colors (turquoise) and her makeup is so glamourous. I wish I could have recreated the lip tattoo but I'm not that advanced yet. lol. I photoshopped the eyes green here and nothing else. The rose headband was the closest I could get to recreating the rose that Raquel is wearing. And Stardoll, why dont we have the Raquel bangs for our doll? Just asking. I ended up using the Sunny bunny harajuku bangs instead. Pink lips , purple and white eyeshadow and lots of blush is just ONE of Raquel's many signature looks.

Jefree Star
Makeup artist, DJ, Model, Popstar

This look was fun to create. Stardoll has so many of his features.
I used photoshop to make his eyebrows pink.
It would be so nice if SD had that feature because pink hair and matching brows is just too cute for words. Ruubin gave me the idea to do his makeup when she mentioned how flawless it always is. Jefree is disgustingly beautiful.

Audrey Kitching
Scene queen,Glamour goth princess, hair stylist, model
Audreys hair is always pink. Pink and black, pink and blond, pink and purple. But you can bet your bottom dollar there will be pink. Oh, how I adore anything to do with pink. Including Audrey. I even added an extra mole just like hers. She always has the most interesting makeup. I love how the blue is on the top
and bottom as well. Simple, yet still fierce.

Ganjuro/mamba Girls
Japanese fashion scene outcasts, free spirits,lovers of white makeup
This is not Halloween makeup. There are girls in Japan who wear this makeup everyday proudly.Yes, they look ridiculous, but I love them. They don't care what anyone thinks, and they are rebelling against the standards of Japan. Stepping outside of the box, if you will. I actually got to talk to some Ganjuro girls and center guys (what they refer to the men who wear this style) when I was in Ikeburo. They looked pretty intimidating, shallow and weird but they were actually very nice...White paint is their vice. Here i used a few random items to create the eye sticker look and also painted the line down her nose with photoshop to top off this look. I had fun doing this. I hope you had fun looking at it.

and last but not least...

Multi-billion dollar Feline, cartoon, loved by millions, doesn't speak.

The hello kitty bow on Stardoll inspired me. I got to wondering what kitty would look
like if she was a medoll. Well here she is. And I finally found a use for that god awful shaggy dog hair style. I only used white and yellow eyeshadow on her to match kittys nose. I used photoshop to remove the mouth. Disturbingly cute.

What do you think?


Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring Makeup Rambles!
Hope you enjoy this post, I personally love these posts and my previous one for lipstick was quiet popular so I thought this may be helpful too. anyhoo, let me know what you think!
ELECTRIC BLUEI dont know what it is about me, but I love blue eyeshadow on Stardoll, I never wear it in real life, but in stardoll I just wear it all the time (ever since I first became superstar). I think its so edgy, and cute for any girl who likes to look fierce for spring!

Are you more into pastels, and light colors? Then this is the look for you, it would compliment many skin types and hair colors! Its very wearable since the colors are so light! But you can easy make this tea party look, look like a clubbing look by adding a bright bold lipstick!


Do you love liquid eyeliner? Have twice the fun, wing it out at the top lashline, and the bottem lashline, its super cute and I think I may be the first one to try this! Add some glitter to your eyes, and a natural lip color, and you are done!

Comment below - whats your fav look?! :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: Simple Skin Care!

Sorry, I'm leaving this blog. JOKES. lol. I wouldn't do that for several reasons 1. I love this blog, 2. it would probably piss of Perez lol. Anyways lets get to the subject off this post... Its a review on the Simple skin care range. I have tried three products from this range and I have to say I love it! And I wanted to share this with you.

Simple Site HERE!
  • The toner, was probably one of my favorites from this range, it really left my skin feeling smooth and silky! I love it, it has no bad smell and it does not make my skin dry! This toner would be perfect for any teenager who has acne, or does not have acne!
  • Moisturizer, eh. Tried better it just was too greasy and oily, I would not recommend this or purchase this again, because the moisturizer just was not right for my skin type at all! I'm sticking with My L'Oreal triple day active!
  • The Eye makeup remover was AWESOME! I loved it, it was not oily at all! It didn't hurt my eyes, it just felt like water, but my waterproof mascara would come off with a breeze! I am DEFINITELY purchasing this product again!

Btw! I might have a tutorial on my real youtube channel, on those hello kitty eyes Gia posted on her 'Fierce Friday' post! :)