Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Review: Simple Skin Care!

Sorry, I'm leaving this blog. JOKES. lol. I wouldn't do that for several reasons 1. I love this blog, 2. it would probably piss of Perez lol. Anyways lets get to the subject off this post... Its a review on the Simple skin care range. I have tried three products from this range and I have to say I love it! And I wanted to share this with you.

Simple Site HERE!
  • The toner, was probably one of my favorites from this range, it really left my skin feeling smooth and silky! I love it, it has no bad smell and it does not make my skin dry! This toner would be perfect for any teenager who has acne, or does not have acne!
  • Moisturizer, eh. Tried better it just was too greasy and oily, I would not recommend this or purchase this again, because the moisturizer just was not right for my skin type at all! I'm sticking with My L'Oreal triple day active!
  • The Eye makeup remover was AWESOME! I loved it, it was not oily at all! It didn't hurt my eyes, it just felt like water, but my waterproof mascara would come off with a breeze! I am DEFINITELY purchasing this product again!

Btw! I might have a tutorial on my real youtube channel, on those hello kitty eyes Gia posted on her 'Fierce Friday' post! :)

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PerezStarGossip said...

I've never seen this brand before, I don't think they sell it in the US which sucks because I'm always looking for a good eye makeup remover!