Monday, April 4, 2011

The Results!!

Congratulations~ Blueberry-dream
Please contact me on stardoll to claim your prize =)

And here is her entry:

Very subtle and flawless looking, just like the campaign. It also has a nice flowy effect wich I like. The look is also very neat and clean, so I love this look! The makeup looks very professional looking, and I would certainly see this as the stardoll version of the real life image!

And thanks so much to everyone who had participated in the contest!
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE congratulate the winner...
sore losers are annoying, so NONE of those please!!!! =)

Bye bye... xoxo

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Mia // ShesSoNaive said...

Aww! Congrats to the winner!(:

Anonymous said...

that girl deff cheated. she had like three votes & then suddenly she had twelve. she didn't deserve to win.

PerezStarGossip said...

To_Royal's was the best, I'm sad she didn't win she looked amazing. There's always next time Dei!

princess195646 said...

Hey Girls :)
This is a look that I just did on my youtube page (not advertising so I won't say the username).

:) Hope you like it. It's Katy Perry's 3rd Look from E.T.

♥Chloe said...

I really loved to-Royal's too, but nobody cheated ;)

blueberry-dream said...

I won? :O Didn't expect to, I thought Dei had it in the bag :O

@Anon: I checked the blog three days late after the poll was first published, and when I viewed the results I got 6 votes. I never voted for myself, in fact I voted for Dei lol