Saturday, February 26, 2011

Top 3 blushes!

Hi girls, so I wanted to do a really quick post on blushes! I think blush can change a whole look of your makeup, blushes define your face and really finish off your makeup! I think they are so important and we shouldn't forget about them! I just wanna share one tip...
 ~ People who have a slim face should wear blush focusing on the apples of their cheeks, and people with full faces should concentrate it under the cheekbones. These give different effects to the different faces!

            Apple of the cheeks  ~  Underneath the cheekbones
(im not very good at putting it on the apples lol)

    NARS's blush in Orgasm is the most gorgeous blush ever! I love it, it does contain shimmer.. well alot of shimmer! But if you use it correctly it can look super gorgeous! I think this would only work on people who are young, once you are not so much in your teens, it can look too sparkly and cheap, but depending on how you use it, its great!

     Powder Blush

    MAC's blush in Pinch Me, is my favorite blush of all time! Its so soft (like most MAC blushes) and it looks so natural, its very matte (no shimmer or sheen) and looks perfect on most skin tones! The name is so cute, because before blushes girls use to pinch their cheeks, so I guess its meant to look as natural as a pinch! :)

    Maybelline's Dream Mousse Blush in Peach Satin, is really great if you don't want to look to powdery I know when I wear powder foundation it call all look too cakey, so using a cream (mouse) blush is really great for those natural looks. Its pretty cheap too.

    Comment below! Its so easy, and it makes my day! :)


    Zoe_COUTURE said...

    Blush can make such a difference!

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    Gia is CommesDesGarcon said...

    Right now I'm using a blush name brand called black radiance...the pallete is so pretty. Its berry with gold balls in it. Zoey is sooo right.It does make a difference.I've never bought nars blush but their lip colors are amazing.