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Kitty said...

I've only just seen the gaga competition (bit late I know!) But I've been playing with this look for a while and thought i'd share a few tips to make the look even more accurate!
This is my look:
To get a more realistic background I used orange curtains overlaid with a white curtain and added a few other items under to give it texture. For the 'glow-y' look used in the gaga ad, I placed glowing candles around my medoll to illuminate the make-up and my doll's skin. I think it turned out pretty well! Make-up is pretty basic, peach, white and a dash of chocolate brown. The peach over the glittery brown i'd say is a stardoll dupe of Mac's "All that glitters" eye shadow. If you look closely at gaga you'll see she wears a brown liner on her lower lash line and black on top. So I recreated it with black and brown DOT fluid liners. And finally for the eyes, a white kohl on the inner eye to brighten the white shadow and make the eyes appear bigger. For the cheeks all I used was a generic bronzer which fitted with my dolls natural cheek highlight. To make the line between highlight and bronzer look a little less harsh I blended a little peach blush into it. The lips are simple, a peach/sand coloured LUXE lipstick with the LUXE lipgloss dabbed on the right of the top lip and the centre of the bottom lip!
I do apologise for the long make-up description, I just like to be through and as you can tell I'm quite passionate about make-up!

Anonymous said...

Someone is cheating on this poll and voting for themselves on diff computers or something because Die has the most bomb look and should have way more votes than the other two girls in the lead!

Jackie said...

is a bit too late to enter :(

roxy2gw is my username