Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Eyeliners - Gel, Pencil & liquid!


Liquid is my favorite, I find it so easy and so beautiful. When I am wearing eyeliner I always wear it on the upper lashline, and I always find this the best way to do it - it takes practice, but its certainly fun when you can do it! My favorite liquid eyeliner is this one:



GEL eyeliner gives a very similar effect to Liquid, but as you may notice its not as sharp. But Gel eyeliner stays on alot longer than other eyeliners, so If I wear eyeliner on the waterline... I wear gel :) My personal favorite:

STILA smudge Pots


Pencil eyeliner is very handy when traveling, its the easiest to use! But be careful, I see alot of teenagers walking around like racoons...

Anyway my favorite eyeliner of pencil is:

Covergirl Liquidline (??) blast

anyway, what eyeliner do YOU use??


Yumi said...

Don't wear anything... In the makeup category anyways, but, gel eyeliner sounds cool. I might use it for halloween when I'm dressing up like Tifa Lockhart or Vanille.

Mia // ShesSoNaive said...

I use pencil liner, obsessively. my fave is revlon, but i'm also a sucker for the tokidoki for sephora. (:

Anonymous said...

I use pencil, as well. (:
My favourite is the Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on eye pencil.

Anonymous said...

it's not fucking called RACOONS, it's emo/scene or either punk/gothic style. and there's nothing wrong with it.

Anna Fol_let said...

Taylor Momsen is so... WOW.. not in a good way...
Deal not in scene look, it's in the estetic look.
I don't use any Eyeliners, but use Eyeshadows for same occasion

Anonymous said...

Pencil or Khol liners are the most natural looking liners but sometimes you need to smudge them to make it look so. Liquid is my worst nightmare, it always looks too thick, but maybe just leaving it on your upperline is key and probably just best for the cateye. Though I regularly use pencils for the cateye. My favorite black liner is Midnight by Nars.