Tuesday, March 8, 2011

MAC...on stardoll?

I have always SUCKED at finding the real life versions of brands, like hotbuys! But I think I am good at finding DUPES, for MAC eyeshadows, I might do lip products next week..
Tell me what you think :)
MAC eyeshadow in Nylon

MAC eyeshadow in Stable

MAC eyeshadow in Stars and rockets

MAC eyeshadow in Goldmin

MAC pigment in Fuchsia

MAC pigment in bright Fuchsia

Next week will be lip products!

1 comment:

k-dee said...

The brown Kat Von D looks more like Mac's Espresso I think, and the purple looks more like a matte purple like Fig 1. Stars and rockets is more a shimmery pinkish-purple, if that's a word! =D love this blog!