Sunday, March 6, 2011

Make Your medoll look like...

Hey divas! Gia here, late again as usual. Maybe Perez should have called my piece "Fierce Sunday". Too bad there's nothing fierce about it. Sunday is when I'm in my house, blogging and such (total snore). So here we go. This week I wanted to start a new segment called "Make your medoll look like..." Of course this segment will mainly be about me, trying to show you dolls how to make your medoll look like various celebs. I used a bit of photoshop editing this time just to tighten up the looks, but not much. These looks should be simple and easy for you to recreate. Feel free to give your suggestions as to who I should do next. Remember, extreme makeup only. No boring celebs who only wear lipgloss and eyeliner. We've seen that already. Give us someone fresh and colorful. Someone fierce. I decided to start with some of my favorite people...who I adore.

Are you ready?

Raquel Reed
Makeup Artist, Pop Star, Model

Here's my version of Raquel Reed on Stardoll. Her hair is one of my favorite colors (turquoise) and her makeup is so glamourous. I wish I could have recreated the lip tattoo but I'm not that advanced yet. lol. I photoshopped the eyes green here and nothing else. The rose headband was the closest I could get to recreating the rose that Raquel is wearing. And Stardoll, why dont we have the Raquel bangs for our doll? Just asking. I ended up using the Sunny bunny harajuku bangs instead. Pink lips , purple and white eyeshadow and lots of blush is just ONE of Raquel's many signature looks.

Jefree Star
Makeup artist, DJ, Model, Popstar

This look was fun to create. Stardoll has so many of his features.
I used photoshop to make his eyebrows pink.
It would be so nice if SD had that feature because pink hair and matching brows is just too cute for words. Ruubin gave me the idea to do his makeup when she mentioned how flawless it always is. Jefree is disgustingly beautiful.

Audrey Kitching
Scene queen,Glamour goth princess, hair stylist, model
Audreys hair is always pink. Pink and black, pink and blond, pink and purple. But you can bet your bottom dollar there will be pink. Oh, how I adore anything to do with pink. Including Audrey. I even added an extra mole just like hers. She always has the most interesting makeup. I love how the blue is on the top
and bottom as well. Simple, yet still fierce.

Ganjuro/mamba Girls
Japanese fashion scene outcasts, free spirits,lovers of white makeup
This is not Halloween makeup. There are girls in Japan who wear this makeup everyday proudly.Yes, they look ridiculous, but I love them. They don't care what anyone thinks, and they are rebelling against the standards of Japan. Stepping outside of the box, if you will. I actually got to talk to some Ganjuro girls and center guys (what they refer to the men who wear this style) when I was in Ikeburo. They looked pretty intimidating, shallow and weird but they were actually very nice...White paint is their vice. Here i used a few random items to create the eye sticker look and also painted the line down her nose with photoshop to top off this look. I had fun doing this. I hope you had fun looking at it.

and last but not least...

Multi-billion dollar Feline, cartoon, loved by millions, doesn't speak.

The hello kitty bow on Stardoll inspired me. I got to wondering what kitty would look
like if she was a medoll. Well here she is. And I finally found a use for that god awful shaggy dog hair style. I only used white and yellow eyeshadow on her to match kittys nose. I used photoshop to remove the mouth. Disturbingly cute.

What do you think?



Yumi said...

What about that??

Chloe said...

OMG! Gia your so amazing, I think Im gonna re-do my medoll LOL.

♥Chloe said...

I also wish i could buy that hello kitty nose on sd LOL!

PerezStarGossip said...

That Hello Kitty doll is super creative! These are all great, I had never heard of Raquel before so I googled her and she has an interesting story, and Katy Perry and Lady Gaga have definitely jacked her look!

Dei // To_Royal said...

I wish we had the option on Stardoll to remove our mouth now <3

k-dee said...

awesome!! Really feeling these looks!

Anna Fol_let said...

Awesome post and works!

Felina2600 said...

I actually like the big fluffy pigtails. Maybe you should do a decorative look?

Felina2600 said...

Almost impossible for SD, but I love this!

Lilly Cullen said...

how do you do the lips on hello kitty ??