Thursday, March 17, 2011

Toxxic Makeovers! (of friends)
Heyaa :) I thought I would share with you some of my friends makeup I did today!

I love Vas, so I wanted to give her some Color, because its rarely I see her not wearing black, and just black. Shes like a black cat ^_^. Anyway, I added some green eyeshadow because it is a very mystirous color so its still dark..ish. I also gave her some cheekbones by contouring underneath her cheekbones, I used a Sephora Bronzer and a DOT blush!

I have been chattin with Dodence_bt (Mario) quiet a bit lately and he is actually a really great person! I love he's style. I gave his doll a blue, purple eyeshadow and some thick black kohl eyeliner, as well as some white on the inner halves to give some brightness to the face. I added two DOT blushes to give some flush to the cheeks, and added a few shades of grey lipstick and a lipgloss to make the pout glimmer.


If you dislike Perez, your crazy! She is so sweet and so down to earth, I use to be pretty scared of this girl but she is the sweetest person! Love her colorful style and she is quiet an inspiration! I gave her my favorite colored eyeshadow... BLUE... and I used quiet a few shades, on the eyelid and on the browbone... sweeet. I also added some blue eyeliner to really frame her eyes. For lips I used a sephora 2 lipsticks to create some depth, and I used some gloss to give some shine! Of course I added bronzer and blush to really bring out some cheek bones!


Wanna makeover, comment below, and I will try feature you in my next Toxxic Makeovers... xoxo

Which is your fav??

PS. I tried to make a banner... what do you think? ^_^


Imagica Vasia said...

Aww hunni <3

Great post : D

I love the makeover you gave me :] <3

k-dee said...

I love everyone's eyeshadows, great job! Just maybe tone down the blush a little lol!!

faux.fuchsia said...

I'd have to say my favourite is Perez - that eyeshadow is stunning!
Would you be able to give me a makeover? I have plenty of makeup you can work with (:

♥Chloe said...

k-dee@ I do the blush strong so you can actually see it when the medoll is in your suite!


beautybyBeth said...

But they can't save what you do anyway so we don't see how they'll look in their suite when you do these makeovers.

♥Chloe said...


Omg calm down, my blush is fine

beautybyBeth said...

I'm just pointing something out, not sure why it bothers you so much...maybe YOU should calm down lol.

Anonymous said...

who would be scared of Perez? She's an amazing, funny, and sweet person! (:
Cute makeovers by the way.
I love Dodence_bt's and Perez's (:

PerezStarGossip said...

I like the new banner!

Ro!!!! said...

pretty please can you do my medoll? The name is hammygirl00.

Jazzy Mo. said...

ME WANT MAKEOVER!!! Contact me at starsuperjr