Thursday, February 17, 2011

My top 5 lip colors!
Each time I visit someones suite, they have that really nude lipstick from 'DOT'. Everyone wears it all the time. Its so boring it looks so dead, dull and pointless. Add some color into your life with some fun fantastic lipsticks. Mix and match your lip color and have fun!

Fresh Coral Corals look really gorgeous with a tan, or without a tan! I Think everyone should at least try a coral, I use to be so scared of them, but now I cant get enough!!

Bubblegum Pink
Bubble gum pink is my favorite pink ever, they look great on anyone. It gives a classy but 'barbie girl' look to anyone's lips! I defiantly think Bubblegum pink is my favorite color of all time!

Peachy Pout!
Want some color but wanna stay natural looking? Peach is the best color for fair skin tones. Its so beautiful, and you could add some gloss to give your lips some definition.

Purple Berry!
Do you live in Australia? Yeah, our next season is winter... Cant find an original lipstick? Purple! You must think I am crazy but trust me, purple lipstick is the most beautiful look ever! I think this would look really beautiful with someone who has dark skin tones, try it out!

Cherry Chomper!
If I didn't include red lipstick, what type of lipstick article would this be? I would really recommend every girl buy a red lipstick, red is such a classy color and looks really beautiful on every skin tone and skin type! My Favorite: MACs lipstick in Lady Bug

What is your favorite lipstick color?


I miss Dan :( said...

I like how your lips are in the banner! Can you add how you did that? It's like 2 colors.

♥Chloe said...

Sure :) I will do a tutorial on it some day!

PerezStarGossip said...

Mine is definitely bubblegum pink! And I second what I miss Dan :( said, I want that tutorial! :D:D

Gia is CommesDesGarcon said...

omg i was just thinking this like 5 minutes ago. everyone looks dead and washed out. color please.

Gia is CommesDesGarcon said...

and i agree with perez. bubblegum pink goes with anything.