Sunday, February 27, 2011

Close Your Eyes...

And pretend that its Friday. Because that's
when I was supposed to post this.
New writer here: CommesDesGarcon for Fierce Friday.
I'll be posting my crazy makeup ideas here, along with anything
else I think you divas might enjoy.
I'm no amazingly awesome makeup artist like the other 2 girls, but I'm
pretty good at doing my dolls makeup and I have a few wild ideas
you might enjoy that are just too fierce not to share:

Green with Envy
Here I used 3 shades of shadow to create this plethora of green. After applying the normal shades, I used the "LUXE" brand eyeshadow to add a sparkle to all of the colors.
A dark green lip with a little gloss and a few streaks of green highlights top off this look.
No blush is needed as this look is already overly embellished. Don't be afraid to go out of the lines and don't be bland, USE COLOR.

Fly girl And to think, this is one of my softer, more conservative looks.
Mix and match colorful eyeliners and hair highlights to create a fun look.
Whether its your medoll or your actual face, loud lipclolor is usually overkill
when your eyeshadow is this bright, so I used a neutral orange to match the dolls skin tone
instead of a loud pink. Large lashes on the bottom create that "babydoll" look. Lighter toned eyebrows soften the face, so here I used brown instead of a harsher black.

Black Widow Fierce This doll obviously does not play any games.
A lot of people don't know this but I love gothic style.
Especially 18th century style goth, which is what influenced the hair.
The black hearts on the cheeks and pointy bang and bow make this look appear very Gothic Lolita. Lolita is the evil cousin of Harajuku. I love both styles and cannot get enough of them. Red stained lips, ghostly white porcelain skin and black eyeshadow complete this look.
Try different lashes to get that extreme eye. The thin eyebrows accentuate the strong browline to give her that sinister look.

Winter Faerie
This look is strictly for the runway. Definitely not something you'd wear to senior prom.
All white everything.
Here I used one of my favorite newest items from
SD shop (Sunny Bunny) the white contact lenses.
They have them in several colors and I wear them every chance I get.
A white eyeliner with a small amount of white eyeshadow and a white lip with gloss is used to create this eerily wintry look. Adjusting the eyebrow color all the way to 0% gives the illusion of no eyebrows at all.
Turn the blush all the way up to white to create the pale cheeked look.
Decorate with silver and white jewelry.

I found the cutest thing ever today:
Hello Kitty Eyeshadow.
I almost died.
Smeared Lipstick... so odd, yet I'm mysteriously drawn to it.
The white wig really adds to the drama of this look. Ive actually seen a few Medolls with it.
So cool.

Next Fierce Friday:

The makeup of Scene Queen Raquel Reed. One of my favorite people.
And there you have it dolls,
Just a few wild looks you can try if you get bored around the house, want to scare some friends,
or maybe for a haute photo shoot? The possibilities are endless.
If you try any of the looks I post on yourself email me a photo and maybe I will feature you in one of my posts.
See you on Friday.

Happy Painting,


PerezStarGossip said...

I love the Fly Girl! These are awesome, I really want to start matching my hair to my outfit like you do G :D:D Can't wait for the next Fierce Friday! Oh and we are not amazing make-up artists lol, I'm not at least, I'm strictly average!

Gia is CommesDesGarcon said...

Thanks. I cant wait til next friday either. I already have my post ready. Heres to hoping I actually post on FRIDAY. I swear I need to start setting alarms even for small stuff. lol. And you maybe average but you DO seem to know a lot about makeup. But Chloe is the queen. lol. She puts my eyeshadow to shame. I love her vids.

♥Chloe said...

Omg gia, your such a doll! :D I love this post, nice to see some color to tis' community!

Love the hello kity eyes! :)

Gia is CommesDesGarcon said...

Thanks Chloe. I remember when SD didn't have half the of the makeup color choices that we have now. Standard blue, green and black. lol. I love the makeup shop now.

k-dee said...

Fly Girl def has my #!!